Because the Democrats don't have the balls
and the Republicans don't have the brains.

Monday, September 25, 2006

"Most People Want Us to Win*"

I read the title as a quote attributed to King George today in the New York Times. It would seem that some democrats took it as a hint that they didn't want us to win. IMO though, this was a cheap shot far deeper than that. You see, what GW can't say is that most people think he's doing a good job. What he can't say is that most people think we're winning. What he can't say is what exactly it means to win. All he can say is make some allusions to the fact that most people want us to win, and then try to play that off as if he has some kind of mandate.

Because despite all the rhetoric that his supporters spout about people against the war wanting us to lose, that was never the case and King George and his horses asses know it. Most of us ARE patriots. Most of us who have spoken out in one form or another and taken part in protests in various ways, ARE patriots. We're not the feeble partisans who had bumper stickers that said "Don't blame me, I voted for Bush" while Clinton was president, and then turned around and demanded unity when Bush was president. No, WE, and not THEY are the patriots. Many of us, myself included, did not like Clinton either.

We are patriots because we spoke out, out of love and concern for OUR nation. Not THEIR nation, but OUR nation, as in ALL OF OUR nation. We exercised our constitutional rights to stand against something we knew was wrong and we remained true to the highest calling that the great watchmaker has given Man in his silence, our conscience. The pansy partisan bunch accused us of being cowards, accused us of being unpatriotic, hippies, etc... But most of us were none of these things, and indeed, speaking out at that time, given the fervor that was riled up, took a helluva lot more courage than the pansy partisan bunch going along to get along out of fear and their own cowardice which they tried to project on the rest of us.

So yes King George, most of us do want us to win. But that's really besides the point isn't it? You went in with no exit plan. You entered what I call "The Void". The void is formless, featureless, and shapeless. In the void, you can go as fast as you want, but you'll never know how fast you're going or what progress you're actually making because you have no point of reference. That is where you got our country your highness, into the void in Iraq. You had no defined waypoints, no defined goals, just some rah rah sis boom bah "let's win!" crap and some vauge allusions to defeating "terror".

Yes, most people do want us to win, because most love this country, despite the fact that the man who thinks he's king has not given us any real goals that would allow us to know when we've won. But does it mean anything good for the king and his policies? Nope. Just more reality distortion.

Thanks for reading this rant.

*Win - succeed: attain success or reach a desired goal