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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


We hear a lot in the news about torture and indefinite detention, just like we hear a lot about murders, food poisoning, disease, etc... And just like those things, we hear about them so much, that we grow calloused as to the true meaning of these words. By true meaning, I don't mean the sterile dictionary definitions, many of us can whip those out no problem, but rather, the true heart wrenching human meaning of those words that can be had either through experience, or through putting yourself in another's shoes.

I am very aware of this phenomenon, due to my own painful past with words that others don't truly grasp the depth of. Yet, despite that, I must admit that I had lost touch with the true meaning of torture, and the true ramifications of indefinite incarceration. Until I read this article from Rolling Stone.

If this is the treatment Bush and other Republicans think is necessary(and that many Democrats have supported by vote and silence), then they are monsters. There is no excuse for this behavior, at all. Something is seriously wrong with our country right now that a scandal involving a pervert senator sending nastygrams through the net to 16 year olds is what gets people outraged, but no one gives a shit about us employing techniques that would have made Hitler jealous against another 16 year old.

I already know the retarded reply by Bush supporters, that "he's a terrorist, so it justifies us being inhuman monsters", but that shit has worn thin, and I'm sick of hearing it. NOTHING justifies us doing to that boy what we have done to him. It would have been more merciful to blow him up the way terrorists blow people up. It isn't right and people who support it are degenerates.

Thanks for reading this post.

*Torture - the deliberate, systematic, or wanton infliction of physical or mental suffering by one or more persons in an attempt to force another person to yield information or to make a confession or for any other reason.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Is this the Nation that Fought* the Cold War?

Interesting bit I picked up through google news from The Arizona Republic:
We are a country that employs paid death squads we call contractors. I thought a contractor was a guy who remodeled your bathroom. We have gulag-like secret prisons in Eastern European countries, "show trials," and we commit torture. We don't care what the rest of the world thinks.

My question is this: If we choose to be the kind of nation that performs acts such as these, why did we fight the Cold War? -Jeff Bolerman

You know, despite the fact that we had a major world super power issuing rhetoric about burying us, despite the fact that they tried to spy on us every chance they got, despite the fact that they had thousands of nuclear missles pointed at us, the America that fought the cold war didn't puss out and give up their freedom out of the very real threat that faced them. They didn't puss out and start justifying every type of governmental power grab and rights trampling because of fear.

But then, the baby boomers aren't the ones that won the cold war, so in answer to the question posed by the above person - NO, we aren't that country. We are the America according to Baby Boomers. You like it? We're pussies now who'd hide in our own mothers wombs if we thought it would save us from terror. We'd also kill kids if we thought it would save us from terror. Hell, in Iraq we have killed kids for precisely that reason.

It sucks don't it? Being ruled by pussies who talk like they're men? Sorry about the rant and the "profanity", but I have to call it the way I see it.

Thanks for reading this rant,

*Fought - to struggle to endure or surmount.

Monday, September 25, 2006

"Most People Want Us to Win*"

I read the title as a quote attributed to King George today in the New York Times. It would seem that some democrats took it as a hint that they didn't want us to win. IMO though, this was a cheap shot far deeper than that. You see, what GW can't say is that most people think he's doing a good job. What he can't say is that most people think we're winning. What he can't say is what exactly it means to win. All he can say is make some allusions to the fact that most people want us to win, and then try to play that off as if he has some kind of mandate.

Because despite all the rhetoric that his supporters spout about people against the war wanting us to lose, that was never the case and King George and his horses asses know it. Most of us ARE patriots. Most of us who have spoken out in one form or another and taken part in protests in various ways, ARE patriots. We're not the feeble partisans who had bumper stickers that said "Don't blame me, I voted for Bush" while Clinton was president, and then turned around and demanded unity when Bush was president. No, WE, and not THEY are the patriots. Many of us, myself included, did not like Clinton either.

We are patriots because we spoke out, out of love and concern for OUR nation. Not THEIR nation, but OUR nation, as in ALL OF OUR nation. We exercised our constitutional rights to stand against something we knew was wrong and we remained true to the highest calling that the great watchmaker has given Man in his silence, our conscience. The pansy partisan bunch accused us of being cowards, accused us of being unpatriotic, hippies, etc... But most of us were none of these things, and indeed, speaking out at that time, given the fervor that was riled up, took a helluva lot more courage than the pansy partisan bunch going along to get along out of fear and their own cowardice which they tried to project on the rest of us.

So yes King George, most of us do want us to win. But that's really besides the point isn't it? You went in with no exit plan. You entered what I call "The Void". The void is formless, featureless, and shapeless. In the void, you can go as fast as you want, but you'll never know how fast you're going or what progress you're actually making because you have no point of reference. That is where you got our country your highness, into the void in Iraq. You had no defined waypoints, no defined goals, just some rah rah sis boom bah "let's win!" crap and some vauge allusions to defeating "terror".

Yes, most people do want us to win, because most love this country, despite the fact that the man who thinks he's king has not given us any real goals that would allow us to know when we've won. But does it mean anything good for the king and his policies? Nope. Just more reality distortion.

Thanks for reading this rant.

*Win - succeed: attain success or reach a desired goal

Monday, September 18, 2006

Third of Americans Suspect* 9/11 Government Conspiracy

Something I picked up a while ago, but didn't get around to posting it. Since I haven't finished any of my other articles due to a really bad flu, I figured I'd make this a quick one. I really should be logging things like this here anyway, if I want this blog to attract participants. So here it is:
Third of Americans Suspect 9/11 Government Conspiracy

I'm sure the King George loyalists would be quick to decry such people as quacks, but really, what choice has King George given them? Before anyone accuses me of anything to the contrary, at this point in time, I believe, in general, that foreign hijackers were the perpetrators of 9/11, so you can count me out of being someone who backs this conspiracy theory. That being said, I do not think people who believe it are necessarily quacks for believing it. King George and his reign have done nothing to inspire faith in the word of government and in fact, have done everything to trash faith in government.

I already know how this will sound to his supporters, that I'm obviously one of those evul wiberuls, but frankly I'm not. I just call things as I see them, and this administration has said things time and again that turned out not to be true. I've been corrected elsewhere for using the word "liar" because at this point, I'm willing to concede that maybe they didn't intentionally lie(though if someone were taking bets, I'd feel comfortable betting that they were intentional), so I'm going to stay with saying that what they have said has very often, on very very important issues, turned out not to be true.

It is very difficult for me and for any sane person I'd imagine, to trust the word of a government that has a history of saying things that have turned out not to be true. It is only logical, that this would breed mistrust and even contempt in people. If I hold King George responsible for anything, it is for creating an environment where one third of us think that not only is our government capable of plotting or knowingly letting 9/11 happen, but that they did just that.

That is a failure of leadership. I don't care what kind of crap you have to say about whatever your pet issue is, you are a failure as a leader in a democratic republic when you can not command confidence in the people whom you've been elected to lead. A good leader would recognize what an urgent issue this is, take PERSONAL responsibility for it, and begin working immediately to cultivate faith in people.

Thank you for reading this.

*Suspect - imagine to be the case or true or probable.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Extra Extra, Read All About the Obvious*!!!

I was going over some headlines on and came across this gem from forbes:
"Politicians Cast Opponents As Villains"
as of now this is the link to the story:

Tune into Forbes tomorrow for a very special news report:
"Politicians Lie to Get Elected"
It's shocking!

Thanks for reading.

*Obvious - easily perceived or understood.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Conspiracy* Theories Part 1

I imagine there are few users of the net who have not run into conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory. Myself, I've been amused by many a strange tale ranging from snapple being in league with the KKK to a vast network of aliens secretly messing with our world(with some apparently kidnapping humans in order to shove things up their rectums).

I'd be lying to say that I myself wasn't, at one point or another, tempted to believe in a theory here and there. Indeed, so would the vast majority of people. Of course, many of them wouldn't realize they were lying. You see, while many will often mock and write off what others say as “conspiracy theories”, they are blissfully unaware, having failed to employ filters of reason and objective thought to their own opinions, that they themselves believe conspiracy theories. For example, anyone who believes in the “Axis of Evil” as laid out by King George, has believed in a conspiracy theory. Anyone who believes that all Mexicans are moving here for reconquista believes in a conspiracy theory. Anyone who believes that Christians are plotting to install a theocracy, believe in a conspiracy theory.

Indeed, much of what passes for political discourse these days revolve around conspiracy theories. What is interesting about this is the people who do this, who speak of their favorite officially sanctioned conspiracy theories that must be true since all the partisan pundits and politicians they pay attention to have repeated them, are usually the first people to mock others for saying anything that even remotely sounds like a conspiracy theory.

Now, I'm not saying their theories don't have merit. I'm not saying they aren't true. You'd have to live with your head up your ass not to see that conspiracies not only can happen, but do happen. They actually aren't rare at all. Probably the most famous conspiracy, that seems almost certain to have been a conspiracy, was what happened on 9/11. The only thing people disagree on is who the conspirators were, but I know of no one who thinks all those planes just randomly had really bad random misfortune on the same day. I'm only pointing out that so much of what is repeated as legitimate political discourse, from all "sides" and partisan viewpoints, are conspiracy theories. I find that very interesting in this day and age when people are quick to dismiss what someone else says solely because it involves the idea of a conspiracy.

More interesting than this and the reason I started this article, is the question as to why people are so blind to the conspiracy theories they believe and why people have become so quick to suspect conspiracy. I will post more on this at a later date.

Thank you for reading this post.

*Conspiracy - The act of working in secret to obtain some goal, usually understood with negative connotations. Etymologically, the term comes from Latin con- "with, together", and spirare "to breathe".

Monday, September 11, 2006

Freedom* of Speech - A Line of Defense Against Civil Unrest and Civil War.

Many people say things about the importance of freedom of speech, but going by what I've read on the subject, it is almost always based upon appeals to the constitution and the founding fathers. While I agree profoundly with most such arguments, that the constitutional freedoms must be upheld if we are to remain a free society, I also see a very very important function of free speech that is rarely addressed.

Free speech is one of the pressure valves of a free society. It is one of the first line of defenses against civil unrest and civil war. The ability and freedom to verbally vent frustrations can and often does take the edge off of those frustrations. We all know what it feels like to get something off your chest. It feels good, it feels LIBERATING, it feels like FREEDOM.

Now, this is something that people who get offended at angry political tirades strewn with profanity and insults should keep in mind. We could outlaw it, sure. We could just create social pressure so that people keep it bottled up. But what is the long term effects of keeping those types of frustrations bottled up inside? Eventually, it will boil over, it will spill out and often, it will go beyond verbal expression.

We should all remember this the next time we are offended by what someone says, either online or elsewhere. Our society has been under a good deal of pressure since 9/11. We have had to deal with the collective trauma of having our little bubble of safety popped, as well as our frustrations at our country not going the direction we want it to go. Even people who agree with how the war on terror has been conducted and the things done in its name have had stresses and frustrations in other areas, such as immigration, bad economy, debt spending, etc...
If we, as a society, suddenly tried to silence the “offensive” speech that offends our ears, we could find ourselves having rocks thrown at us, or far far worse.

Thank you for reading this post.

*Freedom - the condition of being free; the power to act or speak or think without externally imposed restraints.

The Campaign* Begins.

Hello World. I'm PartisanX and I have quite a bit to say, some of it profane, some of it profound, but hopefully all of it will be entertaining in one way or another.

I just read that first sentence and it straight up sounds trite. It's funny, you start a blog because you want a medium to let your words and opinions flow into the public and when it comes time, you spend 10 minutes just trying to figure out how to launch the first post. Or at least I did.

Anyway, rather than waste anymore time trying to think up a description of myself and what my goals are for this blog, I will simply let my future posts define me. That's always best anyway and in fact, no matter how many words I waste here trying to describe myself, my future posts will define me for better or worse anyway.

So thank you for reading this first post.

*Campaign - a series of actions advancing a principle or tending toward a particular end.